i want to help, i need to help

I Want to Help, I Need to Help 🌟

Be the Change, Join the Movement 🤝 Together, We Can End Panty Theft and Support Survivors 🩲

Dear Change-Makers 🌍,

In a world filled with noise 🌆, there are moments when a cause rises above the clamor 🗣️, capturing our hearts ❤️ and demanding our attention 🚨. The fight against panty theft as a form of sexual assault is one such cause, and we invite you to stand with us 🤝, to be the difference that this world desperately needs 🌟.

A Battle-Hardened Stand ⚔️

We are the “Stealing Panties IS Sexual Assault Foundation 501(c)(3),” led by the fearless Jade Ann Byrne, an eGirl 👩‍💻, California businesswoman 👩‍💼, and a force to be reckoned with 💪. Our battle-hardened mission is to end the culture of silence surrounding this heinous crime 🚫. We are here to educate 📚, empower 💪, uplift 🌞, seek justice ⚖️, and restore the dignity of survivors 🌼.

How You Can Make a Difference 💪

Radiant Crusader 🛡️ (11,111,111.11 USD): Be a beacon of hope, leading the charge to banish darkness from our world, just like a Paladin in their sacred quest.

Divine Champion ⚔️ (1,111,111.11 USD): Stand as a formidable defender of our cause, wielding your contribution as a mighty weapon against the forces of wrongdoing.

Virtuous Guardian 🗡️ (555,555.55 USD): Embody the virtues of honor and justice as you dedicate yourself to eradicating panty theft from our realm.

Heroic Paladin 🏹 (55,555.55 USD): Join the ranks of the valiant and noble, contributing significantly to our mission to bring light to the darkest corners.

Custom Luminary (Name Your Own Tier) 🌟: Just as Paladins forge their own destinies, you can define your unique contribution and be a beacon of light in your own way.

Partner with Us 🤝 Companies, you have the power to amplify our impact 🏢. Partner with us to take a bold stand against panty theft. We believe in collaboration and the strength that comes from unity 🤝. Contact us through the form below to discuss how we can work together to create a safer world 🌍.

Your Support Matters 💖 Every dollar 💵, every partnership 🤝, every voice 🗣️ matters. We are a 501(c)(3) (pending) nonprofit organization, which means your contributions are tax-deductible 💼. Our EIN number is [93-2785461] 📝.

Be the Change, Now 🌍 Others have pushed ahead, take a hand and we all show the world that passion ❤️, purpose 🌟, and persistence 🚀 can change lives. Now, it’s our turn. Together, we can cancel shame 🚫, educate 📚, empower 💪, uplift 🌞, seek justice ⚖️, and restore 🌼.

Join us in creating a safer and more just world for everyone 🌍. Be the change 🌟. Take action now 🚀.

D O N A T E 💰

Partner with Us 🤝

With unwavering gratitude


Jade Ann Byrne

Advocate 🌟, Businesswoman 💼, California eGirl 👩‍💻, Nonprofit Director 🤝